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Boa Mistura

Boa Mistura is an urban art group formed at the end of 2001 in Madrid, Spain. The term “Boa Mistura”, from the portuguese for “good mixture”, refers to the diversity of perspectives of each member. Distinct visions which complement each other, and combine to create something unique and coherent. The collective is composed by the Architect Javier Serrano “Pahg”, the Civil Engineer Rubén Martín “rDick”, Pablo Purón “Purone”, graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, and two Fine Art graduated: Pablo Ferreiro “Arkoh” and Juan Jaume “Derko”. The group works mainly on the public space, and have developed projects in South Africa, Norway, Berlin, Sao Paulo or Río de Janeiro. Boa Mistura have taken part in exhibitions in art galleries such as the “Museo Reina Sofía”, “Casa Encendida” and the “Museo DA2”. They have collaborated with foundations like ONCE, Red Cross, Oxfam and Antonio Gala, and given lectures at universities such as Madrid, Seville, Cuenca or Alcalá de Henares.