'Mi raíz es', Boamistura

Artist: Boamistura
Dates: June 1st to July 17th, 2016
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My root is / my / life-mother

There is no other poem like “No sé” by Samuel Feijoo, to express in such an impressive way the roots of cuban people. Water, rock and sun define the place and a belonging.

We proposed a project in a “community scale” touching twenty-five places in the neighborhood. One for each verse from the poem by Feijoo. Connecting people with invisible links. Pieces that can’t be understood independently but in group, because we form part of a whole.

“El Romerillo” is a humble neighborhood, built by its own people, that recreates itself everyday without losing a smile. It is as homogeneous as compact and its landscape is composed by a collage of bricks, lids of oil drums, wood pieces, domino matches, kids running, prefabricated blocks, the shadow of a mango tree, a car skeleton, tumbril full of fruits, dogs, plastered walls, music and women chatting. Infinite materials that tell us how cubans are able to draw wonderful situations.

Each verse has found a place in the neighborhood, completing and giving a new meaning to the usual or common. “La China” and her friend will never be apart thanks to the conjunction “AND” that lies on the wall where every day they sit to chat. No one will ever forget that it is not allowed to park on front of the garage door that says “NO” and on the “Javieres” house’ remains a memory of one of the biggest and most important storms of the last years “REACHED THE WATER”

This new abstract layer is defined by a rectangular form that holds the verse painted in white, rotund. Isolated and apart, it modifies the place freezing the memory of a moment that will never stop reproducing.

The project was created in May 2015 in the neighborhood of “El Romerillo” inside de project of “MUSEO ORGÁNICO ROMERILLO” / Organic museum Romerillo for the XII HABANA ART BIENNALE.

About the artist

BOA MISTURA is a multidisciplinary team formed by Javier Serrano, Juan Jaume, Pablo Ferreiro y Pablo Purón, born in 2011 in Madrid. They work mainly in public spaces. They have developed projects around the world and they understand their work as a tool to change the street and connect and create links between people. They feel a responsibility with the city and the time we live.
They have been invited to show their work at the Biennale di Venezia, and the Biennial of South of Panamá; and have taken part of exhibitions in Art Centers such as the Reina Sofía Museum, Casa Encendida, DA2 Museum and CAC Málaga.

They collaborate with Ponce+Robles Gallery in Madrid.

They develop projects with Social foundations such as ONCE (Spanish national organization for the blind), Oxfam Intermon, Red Cross. Also other foundations, have acquired their artworks as Fundación Telefónica, DKV insurances, Fundación Antonio Gala or Universidad de Alcalá. They have given lectures at TEDxMadrid and Universities such as Complutense de Madrid, TEC de Monterrey, Menéndez Pelayo, Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad de Sevilla.

They have been invited to Art and social transformation simposium and developed workshops in universities like Universidad Isthmus from Panama, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro in México and ETSAM School of Architecture in Madrid.

The term “Boa Mistura” comes from the Portuguese “good mixture”, referring to diversity of careers and perspectives of each member.