'What was important was in the line, not on the edge', Irene Grau

Artist: Irene Grau
Dates: May 28th to July 17, 2015
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Irene Grau
What mattered was on the line, not at the end.
From May 28th to July 18th, 2015.

The exhibition is divided into 3 different phases.The first phase opens on Thursday 28th of May, 2015 at 20h.

> 28-05 / 13-06-2015 Red,
16-06 / 27-06-2015 Red, yellow
30-06 / 17-07-2015 Red, yellow and green.

Irene Grau (Valencia, 1986) proposes in this, her first solo exhibition in Ponce + Robles, a project of the signaling paths according to the type of routes, which are classified in red / yellow / green
depending on the distance. The exhibition transforms the gallery space into a territory where three geographical and temporal paths happen and are juxtaposed, each of them associated with a color: red (28-05 / 13-06), yellow (16-06 / 27- 06) and green (30- 06 / 17-06). The work is constructed from elements that are common to all chromatic steps: mural painting, painting on pieces of 10×15 cm. on wood-metal-stone, and photographs taken with the purpose of the signage in the context of the landscape. All these elements compose a spatial structure in the manner of a variation: three color stages are juxtaposed and expanding in space according to the experiences of those who observe an order in the chaos of a landscape.

Irene Grau lives and works in Valencia. Her work has been presented in various exhibitions, national and international, highlighting: ARCO 2015 and VOLTA10 with Ponce+Robles, “Los ojos de las Vacas” curated by David Barro at Galería Ponce+Robles, Madrid (2014) “Idolatria Va” Galeria Laura Marsiaj, Rio de Janeiro (2013), “In medias res” Palau
Ducal dels Borja, Gandia (2013), “Mutatis mutandis” Galeria Moura Marsiaj, Sao Paulo (2012), “El paso del noroeste” Galería I Leonarte, Valencia (2012), Irene Grau / Pierre Fischer / Katrin Zuzacova Michele Balmelli Gallery, Belinzona (2010) or Grau / Roberston / Widmer Gallery Ratus Casty, Davos (2009).