'Made by Jaime', Jaime Martínez

Artist: Jaime Martínez

Dates: January 22nd 2022 to February 5th 2022


Jaime is a person with autism.
He has problems with his social skills but he is also free to see things in a different way. He has always liked drawing and it has become his main activity, a way of expressing himself that we love.
This project aspires to begin Jaime´s career based on his drawing skills, that will lead him into a brighter future in a normalised environment.
A zebra, a gorilla, a whale, a rhinoceros and a dinosaur. Those are Jaime’s favourite animals, the ones he draws as soon as he has a surface where he can do so. A piece of paper and his black marker or the sand on the beach and his index finger, it doesn’t matter to him. He is tireless when it comes to capturing his creations.