Raúl Díaz Reyes

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Raúl Díaz Reyes (Madrid, 1977) work breaks the frontiers between disciplines, taking us into a decisive contemporaneity, in which all languages drift away from the standard and invite us to knock into shape a panoramic look of our surroundings. The union that is established with architecture, and the mash-up of materials, talks to us about cities in relationship with their inhabitants as dynamic systems in constant movement and alteration. This way, there are no dimensional limits, no technical laws: the photograph is contemplated as a sculpture, and the painting gets into it. The results of this reflection on the city as a place for interaction and change question exhibition models, alters codes, and generate new landscapes with multiple possibilities.

Raúl Díaz Reyes lives and Works between Madrid and São Paulo.
Selected exhibition venues include Ponce+Robles, Madrid; Osnova, Moscow; Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo; LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council), New York, 3+1 Contemporary Art, Lisbon; MATADERO MADRID, Madrid; Pelaires gallery, Mallorca; Masart gallery, Barcelona; PIVÔ, São Paulo; Emma Thomas, São Paulo; CENTRO CENTRO, Madrid; Dafo, Lleida, +R gallery, Barcelona; IED, Madrid; ARCO, Madrid; VOLTA, Basel; SP Arte, São Paulo or UNTITLED, Miami.
Díaz Reyes is the recipient of LMCC’s Swing Space Program, FAAP Residency, Matadero Madrid Residency, PIVÔ Residency, Hangar Residency, Druckwerkstatt Bentlage Residency, Joan Miro Foundation Residency, Arte y Derecho Fundation Prize and CIRCUITOS Prize. Some of his exhibitions and residencies were supported by Ministry of Culture of Spain, Comunidad De Madrid and Calcografía Nacional.