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Maíllo (Madrid 1985) received his bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has also received extracurricular lessons from Alberto Datas, Fernando Mastretta, Secundino Hernández and Julio Sarmento.

He participates in ARCO 2013, being represented by José Robles Gallery. His first individual exhibition SLIGHT FLOW took place in March 2012.

His work has been recently exhibited in other individual exhibition called MIGHTY BUCKAROO at Javier Silva Gallery, Valladolid. He has also exhibited at the Mulafest Festival, the Open Studios (as guest artist), the Cultura Inquieta Festival, the Spanish School in Paris and the Young Art Room of the Region of Madrid, after being selected for the XIII edition of Circuitos.

It’s worth noticing his participation at the ¡A vueltas con la Maldita Pintura! (Strugglin With Damn Paint!), curated by Juan Ugalde at the ICO Collections Museum of Madrid.

He’s a member of the InTransit platform and the registry of creators at Matadero.

His work can be found in several collections, both public and private in Spain, France, Colombia, Switzerland and Germany.