José Hidalgo-Anastacio

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Jose Hidalgo (1986 – Guayaquil, Ecuador) works invite to a different visions of a discipline; works that require a presence through a “dynamic strategic “seduction when displayed in full, but without revealing intentions, almost appealing to a claim by an intrinsic existence of being possible and to be seen. He founds in drawing the “locus” consistent with these intentions, because its immediacy and closeness as the most basic projection exercise and in the origins common construction of “visions”, allows Hidalgo to link a production-experience, almost universal. Thus, since its formal configuration and playful conceptual ambiguity, the ecuatorian artist works claim a drawing experience into the field of painting, only to be completely turned-on by the observation of the work. “Here” and “now”, enhances then and even exceed readings and partnerships with / from tradition (history) of art / from subjective imagination and translation.