Carlos Nunes

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In Carlos Nunes’s (Sao Paulo, Brazi,1969) work there is a recognizable modus operandi that pervades the artist’s entire oeuvre, articulated in creative strategies that differ subtly from one another and yet are clearly related. The most frequent method is one where some material used to make the work is entirely spent in a lengthy, articulated process. The various series he has made up to now indicate infinite potentials of this way of looking at the world, while evoking uncertainty in regard to where the work is in fact located. Clearly, the work cannot be considered a sculpture in the conventional meaning of the term, as the objects are only shown by way of their images in photographs. Furthermore, the value of the images evidently derives from their being records of an action, just as it is evident that the sculpture referred to in the title does not exist physically, but only as an idea. In other words, all appearances to the contrary, the main element in the title is actually the possibility which the work aims to make nearly tangible by way of sculpture. Although his works always possess a notable visual appeal, what in fact characterizes them is not the formal aspect, but the way the forms are constructed, or – to state it more precisely – imagined, planned and finally accepted, without retouchings, just the way they are. In this sense, it could be said that his production essentially involves conceiving and making the artworks using a quasi-scientific approach, as though each drawing, sculpture or installation were, in reality, an experiment to be verified empirically, a theorem to be demonstrated or, more simply, something that is yet to be discovered or invented.

Carlos Nunes (1979, São Paulo, Brasil) holds a degree in visual arts from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP, São Paulo). He studied also at the Saint Martins School of Arts, in London. In 2005, he moved to Buenos Aires, where he lived and worked for three years. His most notably solo shows include Triunfo das cores, amor e música, sobre os maldosos azuis (Centro de Cultura Britânica, São Paulo, 2010; Prêmio Cultura Inglesa), Até o fim (MAC Curitiba, 2009) and Amarelo (Espaço Laika, São Paulo, 2011). He also participated in the group exhibitions Abre alas (Galeria a Gentil Carioca, 2012), FIDALGA no Paço (Paço das Artes, 2010), Entre tempos (Carpe diem, Lisbon, 2009), Em torno de (Funarte, São Paulo, 2009), Paralela (Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007). He participated in art residencies in Matadero (Spain, 2014) and Tokyo (Japan, 2015).