Alejandro Botubol

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Color-light + color-pigment

Alejandro Botubol (1979, Cádiz, Spain) reflects on and develops his recent work on his own life experiences.
The duality between artificial and natural light, the light of his hometown and his childhood and the light of Light Art, are essential characteristics that have not changed in the artwork of Botubol.

Absence, gravity, time, and the object rescued …; The use of color, the conception of the artwork and space, and the use of new supports for the representation of painting, are somehow fundamental aspects of his recent work.

He is currently investigating internal and symbolic elements he finds in objects he rescues from his own domestic archeology, performing installations with light and color. In this case there is a dialectic between the artificial light projected on the artwork and the effects that it provokes when entering in tune with the ambient light of the place.

“… My work presents a processual and infinite painting, trying to embrace the sacred and immanent sense that exists in all places and objects chosen; creating a metaphysical tension between the work itself, the spectator and his surroundings … ” Alejandro Botubol

Degree in Fine Arts, Sevilla (Spain) in 2007. Master’s degree “ Idea y Producción”, Sevilla University (2013). In 2013 he lives in New York where he develops an ambitious artistic Project in different art residencies: Residency Unlimited (RU) Brooklyn; international studio & curatorial program (iscp), Brooklyn, New York. Flux Factory Long Island City, New York. His Works have been exhibited in Museums, Galleries and Institutions in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and USA. He presently lives and works in Madrid (Spain)