Julio Linares

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Julio Linares (Toledo, 1985)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2008. He studied Master 1 in Plastic Arts at the Vincennes Saint Dennis University Paris 8 in 2006/07.

He has enjoyed various artistic residences such as Ranchito Russia in Matadero Madrid in 2016, Insitut de Beaux Art in Tetouan, Morocco in 2013, Espositivo Madrid in 2017, Can Timoner, Mallorca in 2018 or the most recent in Villa Bergerie in the Pyrenees of Huesca on past 2021.

He has made several exhibitions such as “a jungle comes out of the gray matter”, Matadero Madrid 2016, “children children future future”, Espositive, Madrid 2017, “The golden pavilion”, La Juan Gallery, Madrid 2018, “Alimañas estivales ”, Diwap, Sevilla 2018, “Flores de mayo”, Salon, Madrid 2019, “FEED”, The Ryder, Madrid 2020, “Pavillion”, Fran Reus, Mallorca 2021, “LICRA”, Young Art Hall of the Community of Madrid curated by Javi Cruz and Lorenzo Garcia Andrade, 2021, “PAR”, within the program VEN ACÁ PACÁ, Pozoblanco, Córdoba 2021.

He has collaborated in several stage pieces, as set designer and art director, performer and dancer for artists such as JOVENDELAPERLA, Suga (stage group), Señorita Blanco or Ojo Último (musical group).