'Name paintings', Aggtelek

Artist: Aggtelek
Dates: September 10th to October 23rd, 2015
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Ponce + Robles is proud to present the last works of Aggtelek.

Through out their paintings, sculptures, drawings, performances and installations, Aggtelek explores in their projects ideas about authenticity, authorship and creative processes. Their various aesthetics linked with market trends, define the rules of the artistic convention in an ironic and informal way. The procedure of Aggtelek revolves around the expansion of ideas, taking this methodology and influence to the land of reality.

In the new series of canvases titled “Name Paintings”, names are incorporated making this the motive of the frame to address in an ironic way to the own art market, which tends to treat the artists as if they were commercial brands. The paintings, formally equal, examine ideas and stories behind each subjectivity to expand in an imagined representation which is created and executed in the spectator’s mind. Each painting leads to an infinity of readings, as many as those who stand before it. With this exhibition, Aggtelek forces to go beyond the aesthetics and focus the attention on the process and the glance.

Aggtelek is the artistic project of Gema Perales (1982) and Xandro Vallés (1978). They live and work in Barcelona.

Since 2004 they have participated in solo exhibitions in many galleries as Exile (Berlin), Hilary Crisp (London), ShauOrt (Zurich), Galerie Adler (Frankfurt), Luis Adelantado (Valencia, Miami, Mexico City), Jozsa Gallery (Brussels) or Videospace (Budapest). Their solo shows out of commercial field like Fundació Tapies (Barcelona), L’Autonomie and Instituto Cervantes (Brussels) or Incident Report (Hudson, NY).

Among their group shows: “Beelden op het Vrijthof” (Museum Vrijthof, Maastricht 2013), “L’Art est un Sport de Combat” (Musée des-Beaux-Arts de Calais 2011), “There is so much Beauty it can Make you Cry” (Exile, Berlin 2011), 2º Biennal de Rennes (Rennes 2010), X Biennial of Istanbul (2007), “Remote Viewing” (MOCA, Los Angeles 2010), “Solo al Buio. DEPART Collection” (Mercato de Traiano, Roma 2008), “Zomerzone” (Museum Het Domein, Sittard NL 2008) or The White Night (Madrid 2007).

Their work has been awarded with the Emerging Artist Award Beers Lambert (London 2013) or the Painting Prize from Castellón County Council (Castellón 2008), among others.