Día Muñoz

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Multidisciplinary artist interested in the intersection of science, nature and technology. How does nature influence us? How do we collaborate with nature through biotechnology, bio-mimetics and art? “There is something hidden in the secret life of natural organisms that hides the true natural intelligence that I like to explore in every project I carry. There is a certain ancestral and evolutionary biophilia; within all of us and that affects our behavior and way of thinking. My projects always start by investigating the smallest organisms and thus their secret resilience abilities. When researching natural intelligence I find the best means to be able to represent a concrete idea that represents my previous research. Usually for sculptures, installations and video performances. In my project MYKROH I explore the relationship of bacteria and humans at birth to establish the human micro-biome and immune system for health represented by artifacts, performances and video performance. At Noetic I investigate the secret life of plants and generate a device to be able to communicate with them through energy frequencies and thus develop a three-dimensional representation of our conversations through sculptures. In earth beings I investigate the bacteria that live inside the rock in an extreme and uninhabitable climate and I create sculptures where I personify each sculpture as if it were a bacterium. This is how all my projects go hand in hand with science and microorganisms and Ecosystem Systems. My projects magnify the mechanism of organic systems with a poetic and three-dimensional perspective.”

Dia Muñoz (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1989). Interested in the intersection between Art, Science and technology. She currently resides between Ecuador, London and Miami. Her first works were exhibited in New York in 2015 which were welcomed with great success and led her to be invited to Milan Design week and Dutch design week and the Netherlands in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Dia began her studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York (2014) and has a master’s degree in Materials Futures at Central Saint Martins in London (2019). In 2021 she has her first solo show with Proyecto N.A.S.A.L in Guayaquil followed by a collaboration between Nolugar (Quito) and N.A.S.A.L in which her solo travels to the capital of Ecuador. Her work is selected for the week of art in Mexico and presented in the collective exhibition “Saludos Amigos” of ZonaMaco organized by N.A.S.A.L. Dia is currently in Spain where she finished a residency for AADK Spain network in Murcia.